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    #1 Tree Removal Canberra

    Tree Removal Canberra are qualified arborists who can assist you with any sort of tree care issue including tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming, tree pruning and any other sort of arborist service, all over Canberra.

    You might be looking for an arborist to help you with a variety of tree related issues, some of the common ones we come across include…
    – A dead tree which needs to be removed.
    – A tree that’s infested with pests or infestations.
    – A tree stump in a place that’s blocking a new patio, BBQ area, play area for children or a garden feature.
    – A tree that’s dominating an area of the garden, sucking up all the moisture and blocking all the sunlight and preventing the rest of the garden from growing and thriving.
    – A tree or trees hanging over a house or property that are just begging to come down in the next storm or strong winds.
    – A tree in a garden that has become overgrown and is now blocking light from your property or blocking a view of your garden or beyond.
    – Certain types of trees dropping a lot of unsightly leaves on a garden, roof and driveway.
    Whatever situation you may find yourself in, we’re here to help.

    It can be difficult trying to work out which tree service firm you should choose. We here at TRC can assist you to have the garden of your dreams by dealing with any tree issues for you, whether you have an out of control gum tree, an oak tree in trouble, or a palm tree that just has to go, we can help. Our team are qualified experts with years of experience in tree removal; removing stumps and roots (which stretch for an area much larger than the tree); lopping and pruning trees; and trimming trees. Our team has a qualified arborist who can offer advice specific to your trees and garden.

    Our team are specially trained in safety and are able to deal with dangerous situations of working at height, in difficult to access areas, with specialist equipment.

    At the end of the day we are qualified arboricultural experts who love working with trees, who enjoy being outdoors, and will enthusiastically carry out any tree services tasks for you.

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    Do You Need A Professional To Remove A Tree?

    Deciding whether to hire a professional tree service company can be a big decision for some people. You might be tempted to try and do the job yourself, after all, how hard could it be, right?

    We would urge you to consider a few things first before going down the “do it yourself route” which can be very tempting for many people as they believe they can save a bit of money and avoid the hassle of dealing with a contractor.

    Things to consider.

    – Tree clearing and tree felling can be very dangerous in certain circumstances, you’re working at heights, you’re using dangerous equipment such as chainsaws and you’ve got potentially large heavy objects (branches and tree trunks) falling uncontrollably at sometimes unpredictable moments, all whilst  having virtually zero tree removal experience or knowledge, what could possibly go wrong? Falls and injuries can be a big enough hazard for trained professionals, let alone beginners who’ve only watched a few youtube videos for guidance – is it really worth the risk?

    – “Do it yourself” tree removal, or tree lopping, aside from being dangerous can also be very expensive if something goes wrong. A stray branch falling in a direction you didn’t expect could be thousands of dollars in repairs to your house, your neighbours house or your car. Worse still, a trunk falling in the wrong direction can cause serious damage to whatever happens to be in the way and by the time you realise its falling there’s nothing you can do about it.

    – You also need to consider that tree surgery requires specialised and in some cases expensive equipment, (unless you’d prefer to swing an axe all day) which you’ll need to research and then purchase and which you’ll probably never use again.

    – Also consider the time factor. You may spend a whole weekend or longer trying to remove this tree, whereas a trained arborist could have it gone within a few hours. Sure, you might save a few bucks, but also consider what your time is worth and if its worth spending on trying to remove a tree.

    – Lets not also forget about the waste. You might successfully cut this tree down but don’t celebrate too early, what do you do with all the branches, the trunk and all off cuts? Worse still, how do you remove the trunk, and what do you do with it when you get it out? You could try cutting it all up into smaller pieces (a few more hours of work) and spend the next 3 months stuffing it into your green waste recycling bin, or you can get a professional to just take it all away on the spot.

    Its for these reasons (and many more) that many Canberra residents will happily reach out to Tree Removal Canberra to handle all their tree lopping and tree service problems, and you can to, ask us for a free quote today!

    Why Choose Canberra’s Best Tree Lopping Company?

    We are called TRC because we are at the very top of our field, in terms of expertise in tree removal, and we’re based in Canberra.
    Our approach is highly customer focused putting customers at the centre of every decision and action we take. We listen well, and ensure we provide the very best service to you.
    Whether you want trees removing, roots removing, trees lopping, trees trimming, or arboricultural services, our expert team who love their work are able to help you with any tree services that you require. We follow all legal safety requirements, and work carefully and with attention to detail, always being respectful of your garden and the environment.

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    Our Guiding Principles


    We offer a very reasonable affordable service that gives great value for money. Our customers have said that are prices are definitely fair, for the high-quality service we provide. You may find companies out there offering cheaper prices, but are they qualified, insured, trustworthy and dependable, with years of experience?

    Results Focused

    The key result we want is that our customers are 100% happy with the service that we provide. We go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with the work we do for you. We take pride in doing the very best job we can, and we’re thrilled when our customers are so pleased with our work that they recommend our services to others.

    Customer Focused

    We know that your needs as a customer are entirely unique. No-one has a garden that is identical to yours. We listen carefully to you about what you want and will work with you to achieve this. What we do bring are years of experience with similar situations that we can apply to your specific trees.

    In fact we believe so much in these three principles that we offer a 100% guarantee.

    Qualified Arborist & Tree Services in Canberra

    Tree Removal

    If you have a tree that is storm-damaged; or one that has grown too large and is blocking light from the house; or is too close to the house and its roots are damaging paths or walls then we can remove this for you.

    Stump Removal

    Perhaps you have a tree stump in an area of your garden that is preventing you from utilising your garden how you want to. It could be that you have a dead or rotten tree stump that is attracting garden pests. If so, we can get rid of this for you.

    Tree Trimming & Pruning

    Do you have some tree branches that are close to your property and dangerous in stormy weather? Do you have trees that have become overgrown and need cutting back to make them more aesthetically pleasing? Are tree branches near to power cables? We can trim and prune your trees.

    Arborist Services

    Could you benefit from some expert advice about the health of the trees on your property? Would you like to know which trees would do well in the soil or area of your garden? Would you like some top tips about how best to prune or trim your trees? Our qualified expert arborist could assist you.

    If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Canberra’s best tree removal company now for a no obligation free quote.

    Maintain Your Most Valuable Asset

    For most people their home is the single biggest and most expensive asset they will ever own, so its important to look after it, and your garden is a major part of your house.

    The trees in your garden can make your property look and feel fantastic, but they can also cause issues such as dropping branches or leaves, blocking natural sunlight, or digging under your house, driveway or lawn areas with extensive and damaging root networks. Taking care of your home involves taking care of your garden, and if a tree is causing issues here its important to nip this in the butt early before it causes bigger problems down the line/

    We are tree lopping experts who are used to removing trees, branches and roots safely. We are fully insured, and will ensure that:

    • Your garden after work is beautiful, easy to maintain and will add value to your home.
    • Any dangerous trees or limbs are removed; any diseased, rotten or dead trees are removed; and any trees that block light or views are removed expertly.
    • You are the envy of friends and neighbours with a stunning garden.
    • You have a quote for price and deadlines which we’ll adhere to, prior to us starting work.
    • You receive expert service from a friendly team.
    • You receive a professional high-quality service from an approachable team.
    • You get great value at an affordable price.
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    Reasons To Choose Us When Removing A Tree

    high quality customer service


    We want to ensure that you are thrilled with the service we provide. We complete our work to the top industry standards and regulations, maintaining safety and the highest quality service. We will leave your garden looking neat and tidy after our work; ready for you to carry out your garden plans.

    tree removal customer service


    We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding customer service to all our customers. The fact we have customers who return to us time and time again, and recommend their friends and family members, is proof of the high-quality service we provide. We’re friendly, efficient and reliable.



    We use the latest up-to-date industry approved professional equipment to assist us to cut down trees safely and efficiently, remove roots, and grind tree waste into chippings or mulch. Because we have the correct equipment for the job, we are able to produce outstanding results swiftly.



    Our staff are friendly and approachable, cheerful, polite and will always go above and beyond to assist you with your queries or any tree related issues that you may have. No problem is too large or small, we are happy to help you. We will ensure our response is tailored specifically to your situation.



    You can count on us to deliver the service we have quoted for, on time and to budget. We understand that you want work doing quickly when stated, so that you can progress with your garden plans as soon as possible. We understand too that no-one wants unexpected costs that have been unaccounted for. We’re dependable and trustworthy.



    Even after we have completed work for you, you can call on us for support and advice. We will do our best to answer any queries you have about your garden. If you’re wondering what trees would do well in your garden, or where best to plant new trees, or how to enrich the soil after tree removal, we can help.


    It really does depend on a lot of different things so its hard to give you an answer – smaller jobs could be a few hundred dollars, and huge jobs could be several thousand (multiple huge trees removed). The things that factor prices include the height of the tree, the width of the trunk and branches, the type of tree, the condition of the tree, surrounding features (house, fences, powerlines, etc) and also how easy it is to access the site. If you want a more accurate price your best bet is to give us a quick call or leave us a message, otherwise you’ll just be guessing and have no idea how much it will actually cost you.

    Absolutely, part of our service will include turning the branches, leaves and trunk into small chips which we’ll then take away with us, so you don’t need to worry about trying to stuff everything in your green waste bin, and you’ll be able to start working on your garden as soon as we leave.

    Quite often new customers have a tree that needs attention but theyre not sure if it needs to be removed or not. We can attend onsite and inspect the tree in person and give you all your options, sometimes if the tree is badly damaged, infected, or dead, the best option is to have it removed. In other cases some pruning or trimming might be a better option.

    It really depends on a few things, such as how many trees need to be removed, the width, the height, the ease of access, the weather, and also the amount of branches. We generally work as efficiently as we can as we know the noise can be a bit unpleasant for you and you’re probably keen to get your yard back as well. So a rough answer would be anywhere from an hour to a full day (for multiple, huge trees). Your best bet though is to give us a quick call and we can give you a much more exact amount of time.


    Hamish T.

    We got a few quotes from a few different companies and went with Luke and his guys as their price was fair, and they were very professional and easy to talk to. Very impressed, thanks guys!

    Paul S.

    We needed a large gum tree removed in Florey while ago, they arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently, and cleaned up really well afterwards too, very happy.

    Sarah P.

    We needed quite a bit of pruning done and TTRC were very professional over the phone so we went with them. They did an exceptional job, we’re happy with our choice, thank you to the guys.

    Tree Surgeon Canberra

    TRC are primarily tree clearance specialists, however we offer a range of other Arboriculture and tree care services including tree stump removal, tree lopping, tree surgery, tree felling, tree trimming, tree pruning and general arborist type work. We take our arboricultural profession seriously and whether we’re removing a gum tree, performing a crown canopy lifting or a tree crown reduction on a peppercorn tree, pollarding a young fruit tree, or pruning a large pine tree, we’re here for you and will perform our job to a high standard.

    We are knowledgeable in a range of arboricultural methods and know our way around many different tree species such as gum trees, palm trees, eucalyptus trees, oak trees, yukkas, olive trees, pine trees and many more.

    So if you’re after a quality team of tree loppers, tree fellers, tree surgeons, or whatever other name you might have for us, call today for a free quote.

    We suggest speaking to the Canberra Council when undertaking big and extensive tree service works, or we can do it for you if needed. We proudly take professional guidance from Arboriculture Australia.