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Need Tree Trimming In Canberra?

Having your trees trimmed in your garden, can make your garden look beautiful, eye-catching and tidy. A trimmed tree looks so much neater and makes it healthier, it’s the equivalent to a human haircut.

We can remove the lower branches of trees, to lift the height of a crown, if a tree needs a crown lift; this can be useful to enable people to walk under trees, or to give you a better view if a tree has become overgrown and unruly – this is best for younger trees. Or conversely you may want a tree’s crown reduced if it is too close to power lines.

Tree crowns can also be thinned, getting rid of any unnecessary debris, which makes your tree healthier, because more light and air can get to the tree; again this is best for younger trees where limbs can easily be removed if need be, without damaging the tree too much. We can also do pollarding, which removes branches when the tree is young, and this continues throughout the tree’s life. With any crown or pollarding work, it is best to have this done by experts such as us because experts understand thoroughly how trees grow and develop; we will keep your trees healthy and prevent them from dying.

Benefits Of Tree Trimming


You may want a tree trimmed if it has grown vastly and blocks light from a window or stops you from looking out a view you’re fond of. If trees overhang your garden walls/fences, then you may want these trimmed back. You may need a tree trimming if it’s close to power lines or is in the way of utility metres.

If a tree is currently causing issues, or looks like it may in stormy weather, it could be a good idea to have the branches trimmed back. For example, if you have large branches near windows, roof-tops, overhanging vehicle parking or near powerlines. Having these trimmed back, will mean that in a storm, they won’t fall and cause any damage to people or property.

In summary having your trees trimmed will make them a healthier stronger tree, because any debris will be got rid of, meaning that the branches and leaves that are there have access to sun and air, and can via photosynthesis can take in the nutrients they require to keep healthy. A healthy well-trimmed tree is more aesthetically pleasing to look at. It keeps a check on any diseases, so that they can be dealt with swiftly and early.

Tree Pruning may also be an option depending on the situation.

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