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Need Tree Removal In Canberra?

So, you may be wondering what the procedure is, if you contact Tree Removal Canberra to have a tree removed? We will initially look at the tree in your garden and produce a quote with a timescale for work. If you use our tree services, our team are qualified and experienced and know how to use the professional tree equipment efficiently and safely, using best practice. We are insured and licenced. After we’ve finished the job, we can turn your tree waste into chippings or mulch and take away any waste.

It is a good idea to use Tree Removal Canberra rather than trying to do the job yourself, or hiring a cheap amateur, because we have the correct tools for the job; years of experience of assessing trees and potential damage, and lots of past examples to draw upon to know how best to tackle a job. Removing trees is hazardous and they can easily cause injury to people, or damage to property if not done properly.

Why Hire Professional Tree Services?


Tree removal or tree lopping is dangerous work, with a multitude of dangers, from using highly dangerous tree saws, climbing ladders, heavy tree limbs falling to the floor near properties or vehicles. If digging up tree roots or stumps it’s necessary to know where ground pipes are positioned to avoid damaging these. Typically, the tools needed for tree removal, aren’t owned by a home-gardener.

Tree Removal Canberra have vast experience in tree removal and lopping. We’re used to accessing trees in tricky hard to reach areas. We are experienced at removing trees from storm damage that may have fallen onto your home; it’s vital this work is done by an expert to remove the tree limbs or trunks causing the least amount of damage to your home.

If you have trees that have grown much larger or taller than anticipated, for example conifers, we are able to lop or remove these restoring light to your rooms, or giving you back your view.

Benefits Of Tree Removal


There could be a part of your garden containing trees, that you would like to utilize the space in a different way, for example a conservatory, or decking area etc. We can clear the trees for you, making way for your garden plans.

Similarly, tree stumps can really get in the way of your garden as well as looking unsightly and they can have pest infestations or be a trip hazard. Tree roots can be up to twelve times as large as the tree and can leach the nutrients in the soil away from other plants in your garden. Tree roots have been known to break through concrete and tiles, or to break underground pipes. So Tree Removal Canberra can offer tree stump removal to get rid of tree stumps and roots for you, so that you can have the garden space you desire, whether that’s for a seating area, play area, patio, BBQ space, greenhouse, shed, conservatory etc.

Other Tree Services


There are many reasons why you could require our trimming or pruning services. You may have really high hedges that surround your garden, that you can’t easily reach – we have specialist equipment to tackle this. You may have trees that you’d like shaping or thinning. Whatever you require we can fulfil for you, to ensure perfect tree maintenance. We have experience in trimming trees to prevent storm damage to properties or power lines. We have lots of experience with specialist trees, such as palm trees, stripping their bark, and pruning their leaves for optimum health.

After we have removed, lopped, trimmed or pruned trees, or removed stumps and roots we can turn this garden waste into useful wood chips or mulch for you. Mulch is an excellent way to put nutrients into your soil, which makes it great to plant new plants or trees in. You may wish to use the mulch on your borders to prevent weeds from growing. You could also use them in a soft play area for children. Any other garden waste we can remove and dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

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