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Need Tree Pruning In Canberra?

Tree Removal Canberra are experts at tree pruning. We offer pruning services for a wide range of fruit trees, indigenous and native trees, palm trees, eucalyptus trees, pine trees and conifers.

There are various reasons why you may wish to have tree pruned, this could be if part of the tree looks diseased; to try to stop the disease in its track and save the health of the tree; or perhaps just a small part of the tree has died back. Pruning helps to get rid of these diseased, dead or dying bits of your tree if insects or other parasites have infected part of the tree it stops these spreading to the rest of it; it also stops the leaves and branches falling to the ground to create a mess, it prevents injury or damage to people or property, from falling bits of tree and it improves the overall appearance of the tree.

It is a good approach to have your trees regularly pruned, because this will keep them healthy. It’s affordable to have regular maintenance rather than having a massive job to tackle all trees a lot further down the line. Plus, if any of your trees do have pests or diseases, regular pruning would identify this so that it can be tackled early on and prevent the spread to other parts of the garden.

Benefits Of Tree Pruning


Regular pruning will keep your trees healthy and looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible, so that your garden looks well-ordered. When treed are pruned, this helps new leaves and buds to grow, giving you a fuller healthier tree. When your trees are healthy looking and in great shape, this makes your garden look stunning to friends, family or prospective buyers if you’re hoping to sell your property.

If your trees are fruit trees, having these regularly pruned, will get rid of any old parts of the tree, and our experts can prune the tree, to ensure that any excess leaves and branches are removed, so that the fruit gets the best of the nutrients, and grows large and juicy in abundance making your fruit tree more productive.

It is vital to get someone who knows what they’re doing to prune your trees, such as the team at TRC, because the way that a tree is pruned, can either encourage, or suppress growth – so it’s important for someone who is trained in this area to prune your trees correctly for the desired result.

We also offer general Arborist services as well.

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