Tree Stump Removal Canberra

Stump Grinding In Canberra

Tree stumps can be a real trip hazard in your garden. Old tree stumps can get a pest infestation, which you wouldn’t want to effect other trees or plants in your garden.
Tree Removal Canberra has special technical equipment to grind up tree stumps, using this equipment means that your surrounding garden is as undisturbed as possible.

If you tried to remove a tree stump from your garden yourself, it would be a mammoth undertaking that is virtually impossible to do properly without the right equipment. Tree stumps are held in place by a network of tree roots, and lots of earth. It’s highly dangerous work, fraught with areas for injury to people’s backs, or from using tools.

If you hired the services of an amateur or even some other tree service providers, it’s possible that they will cut down trees, but leave the stump because they’re difficult to remove. Unqualified people using diggers, have been known to cause damage to underground pipes, with no insurance to cover this. This can mean that what seemed a cheap job, becomes extremely expensive.

Why Hire Tree Removal Canberra?


The qualified team at Tree Removal Canberra are experts at stump removal. We are used to removing stumps, even in difficult to access narrow areas, or on slopes. We are properly licensed and covered with insurance. When we remove tree stumps we do so carefully following safety guidance, and best practice techniques to disturb the surrounding area as little as possible.

After the tree stump has gone, your garden space can be utilized as you choose, to make the best of the space. This could be for a patio, BBQ area, decking, flower beds etc.

In some cases your tree might not need to be removed, however some tree trimming may be more appropriate.

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