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Arborists are experts who have deliberately studied and trained to become knowledgeable and qualified about trees, fortunately the team at Tree Removal Canberra are qualified arborists. You may be in need of our services if you have a diseased tree in your garden; as an arborist can assess the extent of the disease and work out whether the tree can be treated and saved; or whether it’s best to remove the tree so that it prevents disease spreading to other parts of the garden.

Another time when you may wish to draw upon the services of an arborist, is when you’re choosing new trees for your home. An Arborist can advice which trees would do best, in the type of soil you have; and dependent on the light that the area of garden receives each day.

If you’re concerned whether a tree has died in your garden, but not certain and arborist can help. They can conduct reports verbal or written on the health of all the trees in your garden.

What Can An Arborist Do?


An Arborist can help keep a tree alive, if you’re wanting to move a tree from one part of your garden to another. They also can advise about mulching and watering trees, which will keep your trees hydrated, and safe from the harsh elements of heat or frost.

Arborists can set up drip line irrigation systems for your trees, which can mean that your trees get water delivered to their roots and it prevents water from evaporating from the top of the soil. This will keep your trees healthy and give them the nutrients they require.

Arborists can help to plant trees; relocate them; prune them; they can lend structure to trees that need support; they can diagnose diseases, pests and parasites in trees with disease. They can give advice if animals are using the trees to graze. Arborists can raise the crowns of trees so people can easily walk under them; or reduce crowns if they’re in danger of hitting power lines.

Some trees cannot be saved and you may need to consider tree removal instead.

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